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Famous Dishes in Changzhou
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  Fish Head – Wensi Leiocassis Longirostris Meat Balls
  Fish Head Soup in Casserole – Liyang Tianmu Lake Hotel
  Tianmu Lake Fish Head Souo in Casserole was invented at Tianmu Lake Hotel by Chef Zhu Shuncai. It selects the natural wild Bighead Fish as the raw material and the water in Tianmu Lake. With the special cooking crafts of Chef Zhu, the taste is described as “refreshing but not fishy, rich but not greasy, milk-like soup with original taste”. Chef Zhu used to cook this dish for Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zeming, Hu Jintao and was highly praised.
  Wensi Leiocassis Longirostris Meat Balls
  This dish is made of Leiocassis Longirostris Meat and streaky pork. The balls are white, smooth and refreshing. The soup is clean and nutritious, which is suitable for all people.
  Changzhou Douzhai Cake – Tianxiang Ingot Pork
  Changzhou Douzhai Cake – Changzhou Caigenxiang Restaurant
  It is unique specialty of Changzhou. With a long history, it is used as the oblation in the civil sacrifices. Having been improved, the small cake appears golden like coins with the surface crumby and the center soft. People can eat with ketchup, mustard, curry paste and sesame sauce according to their likes.
  Changzhou Douzhai Cake used to gain honors like “Famous Chinese Snack”, “Famous Changzhou Dish”, “the Most Beloved Snack of Changzhou People”, and “Famous Jiangsu Dish”.
  Tianxiang Ingot Pork – Changzhou Traders Fudu Hotel
  Hen eggs from the countryside and sow pork are mixed with spices in the earthen pot. The taste is salty and slightly sweet, rich but not greasy. The unforgettable flavor reminds people of grandma’s red-cooked pork.
  Steamed Hairy Crabs – Hengshanqiao Beancurd Leaf
  Steamed Hairy Crabs – Jintan Yifeng Hotel
  October is the best time of eating hairy crabs with the sight of chrysanthemum and reciting poems. Such beauty of traditional Chinese paintings is far away from the restriction of the concrete forest of the city. Once people throw themselves into the natural beauty of Changdang Lake in Jintan and eat the real Changdang Lake Hairy Crabs, they will feel the dream-like emotion and enjoy the sceneries.
  Sticking to the principles of “biological, efficient and safe”, Changdang Lake sets up scientific breeding patterns according to different water conditions. People there transplant water weeds and put snails into the lake to produce nuisanceless crabs. Jintan Yifeng Hotel cooks Changdang Lake hairy crabs for people from all over China and provide you the joy of “eating crabs and drinking wine during the best time”.
  Hengshanqiao Chicken Soup Beancurd Leaf – Changzhou Guorui Hotel
  The real Hengshanqiao beancurd leaves are scalded with boiled salty water and then sliced. Put the chicken soup into the earthen pot with wild fungus and edible tree fungus. Once boiled, put the beancurd leaves into the port. Boiled again, the dish is finished. It is nutritious and smooth, good for restraining the aging of muscle and enhancing the immunity.
  Japanese Style Steamed Shad – Yangtze River Saury
  Japanese-style steamed shad – Changzhou Jinling Mingu Grand Hotel.
  Salty and sweet, the aftertaste is sweet and refreshing. It is good for nourishing, stimulating the appetite, clearing away heat and toxic materials and curing sores.
  Yangtze River Saury – Changzhou Fuji Restaurant
  Saury is quite rare fish with the flavor that no can resist the temptation. Liyu, Dramatist in the end of Ming Dynasty recorded in his book: saury is the best spring food. While being tired of Leiocassis Longirostris or sturgeon, saury will always be attractive and hard to give up.


  Liyang Fastened Lungs – Snow Mountain Snail – Oil Baked Pumpkin – Fin Soup Beancurd Pork Meat Patties
  Liyang Fastened Lungs – Changzhou Tianmu Lake Hotel
  Fried beancurd, fresh pig liver and fat are fastened together with pig small intestine and stewed in the pickle. This is just the famous Liyang fastened lungs. The scientific raw material arrangement produces the good flavor and fine nutrition. It is different with other dishes in both taste and shape.
  Snow Mountain Snails – Changzhou Legend Holiday Hotel
  It is an iced dish with the fragrance of mustard. The juice is tasty and smooth in summer. In 2005, it obtained honor in the famous dish contest.
  Oil Baked Pumpkin – Changzhou Traders Fudu Hotel
  The best Japanese pumpkin is selected for fine cooking. The dish not only preserves the advantages of pumpkins in low-sugar and sweetness, but also shows the brightness and smoothness of pumpkins.
  Fin Soup Beancurd Pork Meat Patties – Changzhou Guest House
  Main materials: beancurd, 100g; peeled-off water chestnuts, 50g; big shrimp meat, 100g; grass harp meat, 100g. Supporting materials: fin soup, 100g; cabbage heart, 50g. Cooking procedures: chop the beancurd, peeled-off water chestnuts, big shrimp meat and grass harp meat into paste and mix the spice into the paste finely. Make small balls of the paste and put the balls into the steaming pot, and, at the same time, put the fin soup to steam. After 40 minutes, the dish is finished. Blanch the cabbage heart and put it into the steaming pot.

  Codfish with Garlic – Winter Processed Beancurd – Mingdu Buddha Jumping over the Wall – Fin Soup Chrysanthemum Fish – Crystal River Shrimp Meat
  Codfish with Garlic – Changzhou Traders Fudu Hotel
  Codfish lives in the deep ocean. Its meat is white and fine with high protein and vitamins.
  After being cooked with garlic, the smell and the meat perfectly present the original flavor of codfish, which is unforgettable.
  Winter Processed Beancurd – Jinling Mingdu Grand Hotel
  According to the description of Yuan Mei’s cookbook, the beancurd is stewed with winter bamboo shoots, winter mushroom, chicken and ham. It is golden color, delicate and elastic with rich smell of beancurd, crumbly bamboo shoots and mushroom and aromatic gravy. If the beancurd is frozen in the refrigerator, the flavor will be even better.
  Mingdu Buddha Jumping over the Wall (seafood and fowl cooked in earthen jar) – Jinling Mingdu Hotel
  The raw materials include abalone, fin, fish maw, sea cucumber, pigeon eggs, scallops and pleurotus nebrodensis. The flavor is rich and unforgettable.
  Fin Soup Chrysanthemum Fish – Changzhou Grand Soluxe International Hotel
  The raw materials include rudd, ginkgo, crab eggs and cabbage heart, etc., light and salty. It is rich in protein, unsaturated fat, Vitamin A and D, and low in cholesterol.
  Crystal River Shrimp Meat – Haofuji Restaurant
  The shrimp meat is crystal like, refreshing and smooth with the great taste. In 1996, this dish was awarded the golden prize in the world cooking contest. From that time, all hotels do crystal shrimps in that way.
  Japanese Smelt – Crocodile Tail – Atong Abalone –Roasted Pork Meat
  Japanese Smelt – Changzhou Legend Holiday Hotel
  The fresh smelt is roasted after being pickled. The fish is crumbly at the surface and fine inside.
  Crocodile Tail – Changzhou Xiayan Sanqing Biological Hotel
  The tail is the most powerful part of a crocodile, which gives them the strongest explosive force, especially in the tail glue. The tail glue can not only nourish kidney and strengthen the body, but also whiten the skin, and reduce the wrinkles. It is good for cosmetology.
  Cooking process: we abandon the traditional red stew method but stress the original flavor. Cooked with thick soup and special medical materials, the savor is removed and the characteristics of refreshing, glutinous and smooth are stressed.
  Atong Abalone – Jintan Cherry Sakura Hotel
  This is a high-level dish, which selected Japanese abalone and cook with ham and hens. The flavor is great and the abalone is elastic.
  Roasted Pork Meat – Changzhou Zhongtian Phoenix Hotel
  After being pickled for more than 8 hours, the pork nape is roasted until the smell comes out. Then it is deeply fried till it is bright yellow. The skin is crumbly and the meat is of good smell.

  Tianxia Cuttlefish – Jinlu Swallow’s Nest – Yellow Juice Fin – Bamboo’s Fragrance
  Tianxia Cuttlefish – Changzhou Guorui Hotel
  The snakehead is boned out and shaped into a cuttlefish. Pickled with spices and fried till becoming golden, it is covered with ketchup and fruit sauce. It looks like a cuttlefish and crumbly at the surface and refreshing inside with the sweet and sour flavor. It is of rich nutrition.
  Jinlu Swallows’ Nests – Zhuangyuanlou Restaurant
  Swallows’ nests are helpful for reducing internal heat and moistening the lung. It is cooked with high-quality maize, which is quite welcomed by the customers. In 2005, it was praised as one of the “Famous Changzhou Dishes and Snacks”.
  Yellow Juice Fin – Zhuangyuanlou Restaurant
  Fin is always the precious food in royal banquets in ancient China. With the research of the hotel, a new dish, yellow juice fin, which is anticancer and tasty was invented. It is a best choice of dietary cure during autumn and winter.
  It takes the shark fin as the major raw material and the yellow juice (chicken sauce or lean meat) as the supporting material. The taste is pure as purely natural food without any pigment or additive. As a precious dietary cure food, it is of rich nutrition.
  Bamboo’s Fragrance – Liyang Tianmu Lake International Hotel
  This dish uses bamboo chick, bamboo fungus, bamboo tea and bamboo tube cooked with soup stock. With the bamboo fragrance overflowing, the dish gives people a feeling of walking in the bamboo forest in a morning after the rain.

  First-class Royal Pigeon – Qingcheng Green Goose - Agrocybe Aegerila Best-quality Chicken – Lakefront Picnic
  First-class Royal Pigeon – Yinhewan Restaurant
  Main material: Shiqi squab
  Introduction: Shiqi squab is famous for its large body, thick breast meat, strong muscle, smooth meat both in Mainland China and in Hong Kong and Macau. With golden color, crumbly skin, smooth meat, soft bones, the taste of First-class Royal Pigeon is best praised. As the brand dish of Yinhewan Restaurant, it also has the function of dietary cure. The nature of squab is tender and beneficial to the kidney and lung. Besides, it can cure sores and tinea of the skin and ulceration; therefore, it has been long lasting.
  Qingcheng Green Goose – Wujin Xinyuan Hotel
  It is green and environmental protective food. With thick soup, the goose meat is fresh, soft and fragrant with the function of benefiting the kidney and protecting the lung.
  Agrocybe Aegerila Chicken – Xinyalou Hotel
  The dried Agrocybe Aegerila is fully immersed, while the hen is warmed in water. Stew the hen into 80% ripe with small fire. At the same time, pick all the foam out of the soup. Put fin, abalone and cabbage heart into the soup with spices. The finished dish sends out nice smell with thick soup. It is a best nutritious supplement for health.
  Lakefront Picnic – Jinyan Huadian Hotel
  Characteristics: perfect combination of delicious food and poetic and pictorial splendor.


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