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24 Solar Terms: End of Heat
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The End of Heat, or Chu Shu in Chinese, is the 14th of the 24 solar terms in the Chinese lunar calendar. This year, the End of Heat runs from August 23 to September 7. When the End of Heat arrives, people start to enjoy walks around China's cities to enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery.

As the weather cools, many people feel weary. Chinese people often call it the "autumn weariness", which means that your body needs rest. During this time of year, getting some extra is a good idea!

Chinese traditional medicine says that different foods have a cooling (yin) or warming (yang) effect on the body, and that you should change your diet to match changes in the weather. According to these beliefs, autumn is a good time to clear excess heat from our bodies. This is why Chinese people like to eat cooling food at this time of year.

The night-blooming cereus usually blooms during the End of Heat period, thanks to the season's warm days and cold nights. Night-blooming cereus flowers are almost always white or a very pale color, and are often fragrant. The flowers are short lived, often opening after nightfall and wilting before morning.

For Chinese fishermen, the period of the End of Heat is a harvest season, which means that many people can enjoy many kinds of seafood during this time of year.

China's Ghost Festival, called Zhongyuan in Chinese, falls on the 15th day of the seventh month on the Chinese lunar calendar. Among the various folk customs associated with Zhongyuan Festival, the floating of water lanterns is perhaps the most beautiful spectacle.

The water lantern, also called a lotus lantern, is made by pasting paper into a lotus shape. A lamp or candle is placed inside. On the night of the festival, the lotus-shaped lanterns are lit and set afloat in rivers and out into seas to symbolically guide the lost souls of forgotten ancestors towards the afterlife.

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